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Why buy when you can hire?

We have all done it, purchased something on a whim and then hardly used it. Sometimes we want to try something new but can't justify buying it when we are not sure we will like it. advivum is a great solution to such problems, offering a convenient, cost effective and practical alternative to buying. Hiring offers you the flexibility to see if a purchase is worth while or if you simply want

to meet a short term requirement.


Based in Hertfordshire and currently servicing the Herts and Bucks areas, advivum provides a direct to your door delivery service. For your convenience we deliver weekends and week days during the evening.

Customer Service - like it used to be

Remember good old fashioned customer service?

We know we can never be perfect, but we will try to make sure you feel appreciated. After all, it's customers that allow us to be in business. As a small team if we can't deal with you straight away, then we promise to return any call or answer any question as quickly as we can. Our aim is to make your experience with us a happy one so you consider using us again and maybe, if we are really good, recommending us to friends and family!


It's so convenient to find out if we can meet your hire requirement using our email response service. Simply fill out the on-line form and we will get back to you before you know it - it's that simple.


No hidden extras - Other than the hire rate and cost of delivery (includes collection) there are no other charges - and that's a fact (of course if the product hired is damaged or stolen then we have to recoup the cost of repair or replacement - fair enough!).


A solution

A wide range of products available.

Its more than just a hire - with our good ideas information sheets we provide hints and tips to help you make the most of your hired product.

Product provided may be different in design from those shown.

Hire it for the weekend or even a month!


Convenient home delivery!

New products being added all the time - got a suggestion then let us know.

Good idea sheets


Look out for the

good ideas logo

Hire Rates

We have 3 simple hire rates

1 day rate

7 day + rate

30 day+ rate

Its simple to work out the cost of our hire, simply base the rate on the number of days to be hired plus the delivery/collection charge. For example if your hire is for 3 days then its 3 times the day rate. If your hire is for 10 days then it 10 times the 7 day + rate. Remember to add on the delivery charge.

To ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your hire, we aim to purchase only premium quality products.